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Toriga Energy - enabling the Green Deal

Toriga Energy have been involved in the Green Deal since its inception, becoming a Pioneer Provider in April 2012 and a Green Deal Approved Provider in December 2012 after playing our part in facilitating the successful implementation of the Green Deal programme.

We work within both the domestic and non-domestic markets to help our customers make their properties more efficient paid for by the savings those measures create in their energy bills.

Our business model engages with local SMEs, regardless of the size of their business, to provide a full end-to-end solution from an accredited assessment through to installation.

We offer customers a Green Deal Plan, based on recommendations of an accredited assessor, and are responsible for both the provision of finance and arranging the installation of the energy efficiency measures by accredited installers. We also manage the ongoing obligations associated with the Green Deal Plan and the customer.

We are the only Green Provider focused on engaging with local SMEs and accredited professionals, be they assessors, installers or financiers, to help their customers to access the Green Deal regardless of the size of their business.